Edoardo Hahn lives and works in Sessame, a village in North Italy. Self-taught, he worked first with several photo agencies then as a freelancer in the field of industrial and architectural photography. He is mostly attentive to new forms of representation of reality and his artistic research focuses around the relationship between photographic representation and the experience of space.

In 2015 he published Landscape Materials with L'Artiere, a pioneering book that engages the reader in anuncommon sensorial experience. From a wide archive of analogic images taken in California the book is constructed with a peculiar and asymmetrical layout that leaves ample white spaces and where images almost float on the pages. The images run away from the page and perhaps by our comprehension. In 2017 he published 52 Pictures a collection of visual notes, fragments ofgeographies, details that together form a personal vision of reality. In this book concrete reality has no significance. What matters is the relationship that arises between an image and the next one. Their position in the narrative stream.

In 2021 he began Quaderni Sessamesi series which investigates the author's relationship with the landscape around him. His latest exhibition Suite pourl'Invisible was a site-specific project specifically created in April 2022 to fit into a deconsecrated church and explored undiscovered territories with images and simple shapes that seemed to comefrom nowhere or from an unknown world.