52 Pictures 2017
by Edoardo Hahn
Edition of 100 copies
Softcover 48pp 18,6 x 27,9 cm
ISBN 978-88-942794-3-6
Published by Urbanautica Institute
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The book, consisting of 26 diptychs, focuses on the formal relationships established between one image and the next where,
even from the title, no information is given that can identify a specific place. It is a set of visual notes, fragments of geographies,
details that together form a personal vision of reality. What emerges is an experience of looking.
The series is like a map that combines sensations, impressions, digressions of a personal wandering.
Although the reality behind the images is not fictional, the entire sequence is a set of figurative puzzles constructed with inconsistent detail.
Images are like embossing, but they don't work like documents.
They are the remains of moments that happened and saved from the incessant work of time.
From a formal point of view, the series is mainly composed of close-up images, with little or no perspective vision.
They are almost tabletop visions, closer to the taste of a graphic studio than to pictorial composition.
An almost two-dimensional photograph.